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Eu States

Eu States

Map showing the member states of the European Union (clickable)

EU map

Click on the Eu Member States Map

EU member states

File:EU Member states and Candidate countries map.svg

Map of EU Member States on 01/07/2013 (in English)


EU Member States



Brief History of the European Union

The European Union (blue) and EFTA countries (green)

Map: EU countries and countries that have initiated accession negotiations with the EU

Historical maps of the Member States of the EU in 2008

Map: Candidate countries

The European constitution was knocked off course when France and the Netherlands rejected it in referendums in May and June 2005, but European leaders are

The European Union Flag

Support for adopting the Euro among EU states [1194 x 960]


New Member States

Related states[edit]


is not a member of the European Union (EU) but excludes the Baltic States, Romania and Bulgaria which are EU members but have not yet joined the OECD.

European Union country flags 2014, member states EU

The flags of the European Union and the 28 member states

Attitude toward further development of the EU into a federation of nation states


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