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Euro Zone

Euro Zone

Non-member usage[edit]


Eurozone leaders head into fresh talks Monday to craft a new rescue package for Greece hoping to bridge widening splits over private sector involvement as


List of Eurozone Countries

The Euro Zone Remains Mired in Recession

One of the radical and novel aspects of the Eurozone is that it has been voluntary; no military power was been employed either to establish the currency or



Illustration of euro zone map with flags, 2012 year Vector by Willypd

In addition, other countries around the world will often accept euros (and other major currencies), so be sure to do some research no matter where you're

ECOWAS and a common currency: Lessons from the Eurozone. 35096_132023236835835_2512623_n

try to spot it in the BIS map below which is a snapshot of the original annual report release. Remember: Dollar zone in GreenEuro zone in blue:

A map of the Eurozone based on credit ratings by Fitch, 7 August 2015.

2 by GiovanGMazzella Euro zone 2015 ver. 2 by GiovanGMazzella

After 2020, all EU members will have to adopt the euro


Map of eurozone member states

File:Eurozone map-2011.svg

Click on each country to read its tales from the eurozone

Eurozone and Non-Eurozone Countries

Euro zone Ratings map with new iron curtain

1000+ images about Euro crisis infographics on Pinterest Posts, Europe and The irish

Sources: EC convergence reports 1996-2014, Italian lira, Spanish peseta, Portuguese escudo, Finish markka, Greek drachma, UK pound. The eurozone

Map of the Eurozone (euro area), showing which countries use the euro as


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