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Google Map Nairobi

Google Map Nairobi



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Map: Nairobi


Google have today released Google Maps for Kenya. Detailed maps of many Kenyan towns including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru are now accessible at

Google is announcing the next step for Google Maps for mobile in Kenya: the availability of Google Maps Navigation (image: Google)

Like Google, CloudMade routing lacks traffic data in Nairobi. I do know that there are folks in Nairobi working on deploying traffic sensor systems.

Old Nairobi City Map before March 10, 2016

Curiously enough, maps of Nairobi do not feature the slums - not even their main streets - though 55% of the 3 million of its inhabitants live there.

The official Matatu map of Nairobi developed by the project team.


Nairobi Map

Alternatively, click through to our Google map of Nairobi, showing the safari camps and lodges, each plotted precisely on a satellite photograph.

A matatu route worked out on Google Maps.

Map of Nairobi by Wageningen UR

An interactive map by Hertfordshire-based company, Driving Experiences, includes 'fear factor

Nairobi Transit directions now available on Google Maps1

Nairobi flood map april 2016

A Google map shows the location of Dusit hotel along Riverside Drive in Nairobi. PHOTO

Once at the Westlands matatu stop walk down towards Ring Road Parklands road and take a left turn into the Nakumatt Ukay Junction.

Franklin Bett Minister of roads, announces the Greater Southern Bypass

How Nairobi Got Its Ad-Hoc Bus System on Google Maps


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